If you’re interested in getting more exposure for yourself or your agency, then consider advertising with Escort Bookings. Below are a few frequently asked questions.

Where will my/our banner ad be shown?

You will be shown at the top of every page in your specified area. For example if you’re an Escort or Agency that operates in Birmingham you’d be shown here:

Plus you’d be shown at the top of every individual profile listed under Birmingham.

Does this mean if someone is viewing a different Escort in my/our area, they’ll still see my/our banner?

Absolutely! Someone may be looking at Anna in Birmingham (for example) – see your banner at the top of Anna’s profile – click through to your page and instead contact you for a booking. The only time you won’t be shown at the top of somebody else’s profile is if they themselves are a paid advertiser.

How long will my/our advertisement/banner be shown?

You only pay when a visitor clicks through to your site, which we charge just 10p for. This means a £10 budget will mean 100 visitors to your website. All it takes is for 1 of those to turn into a customer and you’ll have no doubt made your money back ten times over, or much more (depending on how much you charge and how long the booking is for, of course). But we’re sure you’ll agree, 10p per click is cheap!

Will I/we need to design my/our own banner?

Ideally, yes, but if you’re struggling I’m sure we can put something together for you.

Interested? Then contact us here and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

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